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Quick Disconnect System for all Yamaha Bikes

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    Vikingbags - Quick Disconnect system for all Yamaha Bikes



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    • If users so wish, they will be able to attach a bag onto the disconnecting system but the system can be completely and quickly removed from the bike within a few seconds and whenever the users require them.
    • The system comes with extra security with a secure locking mechanism.
    • The system is long lasting and durable; and is hard-wearing so that it lasts so much longer than other competitors out there on the market today.
    • It is very simple to remove the bags and there are no traces of the bags left behind.
    • The system can be easily adjusted so that the bags can sit comfortably on them as well as look sleek and simple.
    • The price for our top quality product is conveniently affordable and includes a 30 days money back refund.


    • Marine grade powder coated metal of top quality has been used to construct the brackets and quick disconnect system.
    • It has been specifically designed to be used on any Yamaha motorcycle and fit perfectly.
    • The item can be installed and uninstalled within a few minutes for easy use.
    • Only the very best metals have been used to create the brackets and quick disconnect system.
    • All parts have been created from long lasting and very strong and durable materials.
    • Polished stainless steel is the construction material of the docking posts, which is 100% rust proof.