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Suzuki Saddlebags

For Suzuki motorcycle owners of all model years, finding the right luggage saddlebag can sometimes be a chore. However, with the right understanding of how saddlebags are made and what they can hold, you don't have to spend much time looking for or installing your own bag. These luggage items will really help you get around town (and out of town) with just the right amount of space for your belongings and important items. If you are often on the move and require a place to hold your items that is safe and secure, then this collection of Suzuki bags should serve you well.

Boulevard Saddlebags


Marauder, Intruder Saddlebags

Suzuki saddlebags are mounted onto either side of the rear wheel of your bike, fitting perfectly over any factory placed shocks, exhaust pipes, and other parts in the rear. This gives the bag enough room to be securely mounted and keeps the bag out of your way. There are many different sizes and designs for your lovely Suzuki to choose from when you are looking for a suitable Suzuki bag. No matter what type of bike you have, we have the perfect bag for your needs.
When you are traveling on the road or even just making a quick stop at the grocery store, it's always necessary to have space on your bike to carry your items. No matter where you are or where you're headed, saddlebags offer riders a way to carry any item of any size. Without saddlebags, you're basically stuck with transporting goods. Therefore, it is important that you invest in a durable motorcycle bag that will help you move your items around the town without you having to worry about where to store them.
Suzuki bags are sustainable, durable and beautiful. They will make a great addition to your bike and you will be at ease knowing there is storage space available on your bike to hold your belongings. These luggage items are a great investment and we offer you the mounting kit free of cost with most bags. Installation instructions are paired with each purchase, giving riders the ability to quickly install these bags on their motorcycles in a matter of minutes.
Pick up a Suzuki bag today to help you move around easily and with no worries about your luggage, because you won't even notice your motorcycle has added bags with our selection of lightweight, sturdy solutions. When the time comes for you to haul out on a long-distance adventure, you'll already have a nice pair of saddlebags to store your extra clothes, riding gear and accessories for a safe trip. Even if you plan on commuting short distances on your Suzuki, saddlebags make it possible to carry personals. These bags are made to keep the items they hold safe and secure, protecting them from the changing climates of all-season traveling.
Because we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all our products, these Suzuki bags are no different. If you find that you'd like to return or exchange the saddlebag you've selected for another bag, just let us know. We'll do our best to find you a better solution for your personal luggage.